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Waiting for Summer's Return by Kim Vogel Sawyer

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Waiting for Summer’s Return

All alone on the Kansas prairie, Summer Steadman has few options. With her husband and children lost to illness, she has no desire to continue on farther west to where she and her husband planned to build their future. Instead, she seeks employment in a small Mennonite community in order to be near the graves of her family. Widower Peter Ollenburger, the local gristmill owner, needs someone to teach his young son. When he hears of a “learned woman” in town, he believes she is the answer to his prayers. He soon discovers, however, that helping this outsider may have troublesome consequences. There is little this father will not do for his son, but as the boy begins to look at Summer as more than a teacher, Peter must make a choice. Does he marry this woman to give his son a new mother, or does he marry only for love? Will Summer’s broken heart ever be able to love again?

Genre: Historical, Mennonite

Publisher: Bethany House

Published: June 1, 2016


A tale of prairie life that will touch your heart and warm your soul.

Janette Oke

Kim Vogel Sawyer is an exceptional storyteller who is sure to please fans of historical fiction. Her attention to detail and love of God shines through in each endeavor.

Tracie Peterson,
bestselling author of the Heirs of Montana series

Waiting for Summer’s Return is an excellent debut novel by a promising author. This tender love story with its historical detail is a page-turning delight.

Carol Umberger

Kim Vogel Sawyer creates endearing character straight from the pages of history. Peter and Summer are the embodiment of the good-hearted, genuine people who settled the United States and made it into a great country. Selfless and generous, they tyr so hard to do the right thing that they almost miss the personal happiness God has planned for them. Once started, I couldn’t stop reading.

Louise M. Gouge,
author of Son of Perdition, Hannah Rose, and Ahab’s Bride

An endearing and gentle love story set on the Kansas prairie. You’ll be delighted as the residents of Gaeddert, Kansas, grow in their love, faith, and courage. A charming and satisfying read.

Judith Miller,
author of the Freedom’s Path series

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