When Everything Falls Apart

I spent most of Monday and Tuesday watching the news coverage of the tornado damage in Moore, Oklahoma. I would imagine others also felt compelled to scan the televised images for signs of life amid the wreckage. There’s something about a tragedy, even when it isn’t our own–or maybe even more so when it isn’t our own–that tugs at our hearts. And the devastation in the town in Oklahoma certainly qualifies as tragic.

Lost homes.

Lost businesses.

Lost schools.

Lost churches.

Lost pets.

And, most painful of all, lost lives.

When tragedy strikes, people question, “Where was God? Why didn’t He stop the storm?” These are not easy questions to answer. Well, the first one I can answer because I know where He was–He was in the midst of the tumult, offering comfort and peace.

But the second part of the question is harder  because we only see the chaos and confusion, and we can’t imagine how a loving God could allow something so painful to befall the people He created.

God isn’t short-sighted. His wisdom is infinite. And because He sees the then, the now, and the yet-to-be, He has reasons that we simply cannot, in our human minds, comprehend. So even when we don’t understand, we must hold to our faith and trust Him. We must believe that even in the most difficult times in our lives, He has a plan and purpose for our good. We must believe that He will bring beauty from the ashes. And we must remember: circumstances do not change who God is to us and who we are to Him.

I’ve been listening to this song and contemplating the words a lot over the past few days as people begin to rebuild their lives after suffering such tremendous loss. I find it comforting to know, no matter what happens in this world, God doesn’t change. He is always there, and His strength is perfect when ours is gone. I hope you’ll find this song an encouragement if you are facing a storm of life right now…

May God bless you muchly as you journey with…and trust in…Him! ~Kim

(P.S.–The tornado-scene images were borrowed from nydailynews.com.)

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