Kim Vogel Sawyer

The Amazing Expanding Heart & Give-away

grandkids1This is the screen saver on my cell phone.

Every time it comes up, I smile. How I love each of those dear little faces. There is something precious and special about all of them, and I could fill pages sharing everything I love about my grandchildren.
I remember the feeling that washed over me when I held my first grandchild the first time–it seemed as though a piece of my heart had been waiting for this special little person to come along and fill the hole. And with each subsequent grandchild, the same thing has happened: a swell of love that is beyond explanation.
Well, with nine grandkids, you’d think my heart had run out of “little holes.” Nope. I discovered a brand new one yesterday morning when grandchild number ten stretched her way into the world.
There is something so incredible about new life. When one holds a newborn baby, you’re holding not only that child but all the generations that came before. My heart swells, tears well, and so many emotions roll through my frame I can’t identify them all let alone give voice to them. Babies are such an incredible gift…a real little miracle.
Another thing that happens when you’ve received an amazing gift is the desire to give. I am not willing to share my new granddarling (!!!), but I’d love to give you something “new to you.” Below is an image of ten books. If one of these is as yet unread by you, please leave a message with the title (or two) that interests you most. I’ll do a drawing and share new reads with ten of you in celebration of the arrival of the newest member of the Sawyer family.

Happy reading…and please send up a prayer of praise for the new little life that has entered the world.

God bless you muchly as you journey with Him! ~Kim