Some of Life’s Little Lessons

By the time you’ve lived half a century, you better have learned a thing or two. I remember telling my fifth graders it’s important to study history because it keeps us from making the same mistakes former generations made. Well, in order to safeguard you from future errors, I’m going to share a few of my life lessons with you…

 — When faced with the option of being rude or being polite, always choose “polite.” Just because someone else is a noodlehead doesn’t mean you have to be–why let someone else’s behavior dictate yours? Just be polite.– One of my mom’s goodies: “If someone speaks ill of you, live in a way that none will believe it.” (Kind of relates to the preceding lesson, but on a grander scale, imo.)

— Into this life some rain will fall. Rather than bemoaning it, grab an umbrella and dance in the puddles.

— Speaking of life, it’s short, so go ahead and eat dessert first. As long as you don’t make a steady diet of chocolate cake and strawberry pie, indulging won’t destroy you.

— Do not apply lip balm right before kissing a cat. I believe this needs no further explanation.

— A spotless house is NOT as important as playing with a child. (Wish I’d figured this out when my children were still young and living under my roof. *sigh*)

— Smile at people. Even the grumpy-looking ones. It might be the only ray of sunshine they see all day.

— Say “I love you” or “you’re special” (or whatever endearment works for you) to those who matter to you as often as you possibly can. They need to hear it, and believe me…you need to say it.

— And laugh. Loudly and often! It builds endorphins, which is good for your mental health.

— Don’t hit (unless you’re swinging a bat at a baseball) and don’t holler (unless it’s an emergency). These are the things regrets are made of.

— Don’t sweat the small stuff. Big stuff will find you, and you need to be prepared (i.e. — be prayed up!). If you fall apart over little stuff, the big stuff will take you under. So learn to stand firm and keep it together in times of irritation and stress. Then when the big stuff comes, you’ll be armed and able to emerge triumphant.

Well, I could share more, but I think I’ll leave it at that. Betcha you’ve learned a few life lessons over the years, too. Do you have a favorite word of advice to share with me? I’m listening now…spill it. :o)

God bless you muchly as you journey with Him! ~Kim

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© 2020 Kim Vogel Sawyer Ministries. All rights reserved.

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